A Hammer to the Hand Makes Your Thumb Thor – Day 146

Here is my Thor dispenser. When ever i think of Thor i think of Adventures in Babysitting (the movie). I remember watching that when i was really young, and it was my first introduction to Thor. Good ole 80’s movies, they were super cheesy but a great decade of classic productions. Any who, this piece has this great silver helmet, a textured wing, and great shadows on the whole piece, and i put him on this black and silver board. The board is very plain, but the image is fairly large so on other boards it would cover valuable information or real estate that i didn’t want covered up. The handle on this dispenser is black and went well with the skateboard. I feel like this is a real manly man board. Thor has strong cheek bones, the helmet, and that look in his eyes that say “don’t mess with me”. I really like this final piece and can’t wait to put it up with some other super hero boards.