Monochromatic, More Like Mono-Gold-matic – Day 139

This is my revisit to to C3PO. I think this is the first piece that is monochromatic (including the board). I’ll have to go through the archives. It’s crazy how many pieces I’ve done, and I’m starting to forget what I’ve tried. He’s featured on a yellow west side board. I’ve had gold boards, but this is my first yellow one. I just picked up another killer batch of boards from Westside Skate. Stop out and check out their store. They have awesome t-shirts, shoes, and of course boards among a lot of other products. I really dig this piece, based on the color palette. 365 Days of Pez has really made me think harder about my art and playing with obstacles i’ve never challenged myself with before (such as color schemes and new color pallets). Also, I’ve been hit up a few times about getting the boards online to sell. They’ll be up in a few weeks, so start saving your pennies! My store button is to the right on my website, where it says click to shop now.