Where’s the Beef? – Day 135

Here is my new Cow Piece. I pulled it in a light purple and light green. After a closer inspection, I believe the handle is actually more of a bright yellow and I think the purple isn’t dark enough. Needless to say I still like the image. It’s a vintage Pez, and there are a couple of color schemes with this particular mold. But the way I cut my stencils won’t easily allow me to make the others because I made the nose and stem on the same layer. Whatever, life will go on. Other cow pieces have different noses vs. stems. Minor excuse I know, but I thought I’d point that all out. I like the board for the contrast of the green background to the light green on the stem, and for the fact the top of the board has been worn off, but the head/ears of the cow bisects that transition. I also like the word “Natural” peaking out on the bottom right. We live in a day and age where we seek things like “natural, organic, and green”. Since it is a cow piece, finding natural beef or unprocessed beef seems to be appropriate. One last thing I’ll leave you with… please share this with a friend. What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground Beef! Ok, what about 2 legs? Lean Beef!