Super Trooper – Day 134

Continuing the Star Wars saga, here is my Storm Trooper. I actually picked up a newer version of this dispenser (I assume from the new release of movies a few years back) but it has slightly different features and shaper looking goggles/glasses. I might pull that one, but this one was more interesting to me. So one thing I found interesting was the grid air vent to the right was painted green on my dispenser. I’m not sure if it’s green in the movies, but I almost painted it grey. It’s a minor concern, but I thought “that’s odd?” So the board might look familiar, as its another part of the board I used yesterday with the snowman. I liked the black lines and text with the black mask on the trooper. I felt that it was the right call, and I really like this board. I’m sure the Storm Trooper, being mostly neutral tones, could go on any board but I really like the analogous warm color pallet on this one. Well that adds to the star wars collection, how many more do I have? A few actually, so keep tuned for more to this series.