I’m Henry the 8th I Am – Day 128

So here is my revised Happy Henry. He’s a ghost, just to refresh everyone. I had some comments from the first Henry at the last arts fest, and no he’s not a penis! Ha ha. So this one I painted in a whiter scheme, vs. the fleshy scheme on the first board. I think he looks more like a ghost. I did change the handle color from red to purple, but I think that adds to the ghost vibe. Ghosts are often scene with purples and violets, right? He’s on a shorter board so the purple stem/handle is very limited. I also put him on a magenta/pink board. So over all it has a feminine color pallet. I like this version more than the first one. I get the feeling this one could glow in the dark (as the actual dispenser does). Sorry for the late post, I was at the Home Depot! Then play time with my daughter and the other neighbor babies.