Strawberry Fields Forever – Day 126

So here is my Strawberry Shortcake board. Ironically I got this board a few months ago,and I was curious if there was a Strawberry Shortcake Pez dispenser. And low and behold, 3 new dispensers were recentlyreleased (I believe in the last month). So I paired up my board and the dispenser to make the girly-est boardyet! I don’t normally drop the image sofar down, but felt it was appropriate to show the writing. There was actually a photo of some kind ofcake on the board. The photo wasn’t veryappetizing. It’s not like it was anillustration, it was a large photo of some bread like blob with mashed strawberriesin it. That photo is almost all covered up;some of it can still be seen on the sides of the stem. Ithink it’s a cute board, appropriate for some little punk rock girl.

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