Seeing Red – Day 124

So here is my 3rd Darth Vader, but he’s red. I made this one because of something I heard about. When i was at the Pez convention i saw a Yoda dispenser that was made with all yellow plastic (not green), also made within the last few years. It was selling for $350. It didn’t make sense that such a new dispenser was so expensive. So the answer I received was that some of the factory workers in other countries know that rare pez are very collectable and some of the workers intentionally make these wrong colored dispensers. So they make intentional errors, which then make them more desirable and more expensive on the collectors market. I decided i would try this avenue, but with art. In my world it’s called “artistic interpretation”. So you can see i pulled a Darth Vader in Red (which makes him rare! ha ha). I found a great deck to put him on making the pallet complementary. There are some great areas exposing red plywood that relate well to the image. I like that board has this radial blast behind the head, making the image seem more important. I hope you like the “accidental/intentional” Pez board.