Lake Effect Snow, Too Soon? – Day 122

Snow? or is that too soon? To all my Cleveland fans, I’m sure you understand the joke. This is my Snowman board. I really like this overall dispenser. It’s a white dispenser but i layered it in 4 shadows/highlights (2 tans, and 2 whites) and i think those extra layers really push the 3D shape of the image. I put him on a board that has some intense neon colors because when it snows, some things look brighter and more alive. Well… they do until the exhaust from the cars turn the snow gray and black. I tried to aline the carrot nose with the orange line on the board to complete the imaginary line through the piece. The actual orange and green lines look to be the back of a chair and the writing (that is somewhat visible behind the head) says King. So the story goes, snow rules the Cleveland landscape when it wants and how it wants. It can be January, April, or September, and never doubt a change in the weather. Overall this is one of my new favorites and i CAN wait for the cold. I much rather prefer the heat then shuffling out my driveway any day.

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