A.S. is – Day 118

Here is my revised Darth Vader board. This Vader is reversed from the first one. He faces to the left. I also put him on a board (not red like i had anticipated) that worked for a few reasons. The board is in yellows and greens which would usually work great for the good guys, not the bad guys. But as i looked at the board these thoughts came to me: The letters A.S. are present as in Anakin Skywalker, and they’re upside down. So if we take the board and think of it as a background or a back log to the past the image would make sense. The past reflects a young Anakin Skywalker who was a good kid on the right path of life, until his life was flipped upside down (the letters) and he became the villain we all love to hate. Darth Vader is in the foreground and that relates to the present. I really enjoy the sanded part of the image and how it almost matches the worn edges of the board perfectly, like it was meant to be.