Slow Down Everyone You’re Moving to Fast – Day 116

Here is my second Speedy Gonzales. This board feels really festive to me. Maybe it’s the play of red, yellow and green (on the broken part), but I feel like getting out a piñata and a mariachi band and having a good ole time. This is a smaller board, so again the stem is almost all gone from the piece, but I like the overall flow. The sombrero follows the contour of the deck very well and keeps your eyes moving. I also love the vertical separation of red and yellow. You know there’s a separation but you can’t see it, because the dispenser hides it well. After a great morning chat with my friend Steve, I suggest everyone slows down (as my title says) and enjoys some great art, family, or the flowers in your yard. Before you know it the family is all grown up and there’s snow on the ground!