This is Emerica! – Day 115

Bugs, it looks like you know your roots! Here is my revised Bugs Bunny. I changed the stem to orange, in thinking it would remind the viewer of a carrot. You know, because rabbits eat carrots (at least they do in the cartoons)! Any way, this is kind of an interesting board. It’s a blue violet board with orange writing and a big ole “Emerica” sticker. I’m not sure where the slang term for America came from, but if i had to guess it would be from President George W. Bush and his many word alterations and Texas accent. I think in some ways “W” would be a very fitting Looney Tunes character. I could see him as a brother or close cousin to Elmer Fudd. The two of them would hunt wabbits and other wildlife. I really like this board. I think it’s the chunkiness of the Bugs dispenser. The more fake/plastic the dispensers look, the more i like the final products. I think it’s part of knowing it’s a toy and not a real character that gets me excited. Plus i like the odd color combo of the deck (purple and orange). One other thing i changed on this image is the nose color. I made it red (the first one was pink).