Oh Henry – Day 113

This is Happy Henry, one of the ghosts that Pez created. I don’t think he looks like a ghost, but I do think he looks happy! This isn’t my favorite dispenser by any means, but I’ve seen it around so much I thought he should be part of the collection. He’s on a black board with some white pin striping and red dots (which are mostly covered by Henry). I like the finished piece, but I’m not crazy about the dispenser so I’m not feeling the usual excitement. I think it’s also part to my weekend of all things Pez. Pez-a-Mania just wrapped up yesterday and I’m exhausted. It was SO MUCH FUN! If you want to go to a family reunion with people you actually like, this is it! I was by myself for the most part, but I felt so accepted and welcomed there. There were plenty of games, drinks, and prizes; not to mention all the laughs and great people. I think anyone would have fun there whether or not they liked Pez. I plan on going again next year, and perhaps I’ll venture to some of the other conventions in the states. I picked up a bunch of new dispensers I wanted and learned a lot. I hope everyone there also enjoyed my art.