Cheer Up Charlie – Day 112

Here is my Charlie Brown backwards Hat Dispenser. Because every cool kid where’s his hat backwards! This is a very simple dispenser with little detail in the face. There’s only a bump out for the nose and the rest of the face is painted on. I really like the finished piece. I put it on a shorter board with clouds on it. I just think of baseball (because of the hat) and standing in the outfield waiting for the inning to begin. Most kids pass the time by staring at the sky looking for objects in the clouds, atleast that’s something I did. The title of this post is special to me, in the sense that about 14 years ago (im old) while working at a pizza shop, my friends came in with a collage on a sheet of purple paper that said “Cheer UpCharlie”. They knew I wasn’t my chipper self, and they made me this sign/poster. I still have it. Anyway, I was in a band at the time and wrote a song called Cheer Up Charlie. I still have the recording(s) of it. It just goes to show, you never know what will influence you or change your life. A simple phrase on construction paper lead me to write out what was on my mind. And I think it’s a great song, Ihope that I can get it posted and everyone can hear it.