Hey America, Nice Wings – Day 111

Here is my new Captain America piece. I had mentioned in past posts that I had a few updated characters (as far as newer Pez dispensers) that I’ll be recreating or creating. So here is the action figure type Captain America. I’m sure this was released last year or so when the new movie came out. I really like the strong facial structure and the advanced detail thing the wings. I have a vintage Captain America and you can see how much more refined this piece is, but I love both of them equally as far as a final project. I put this image on a classic gold board that just seems to illuminate the dispenser as a hero or a trophy. I visited and participated in the first day at Pez-a-Mania yesterday, and WOW! How fun and cool it was. I’ll be revisiting today to participate in more games and social events, and then tomorrow is the actual convention. I picked up a bunch of dispensers I didn’t have yesterday to add to the series of works that I’ve started. Plus! I got 2 cool shirts, a pin, a key chain, a bag, and tons of other goodies! I officially a Pez-Head!