I See a Bad Moon Rising – Day 108

So the Mr. Darth Vader enters the world of Pez. I think this is one of the harder stencils to lay out so far, even though it’s only 4-5 layers the transitions on the shiny surface threw my eyes for a loop. I put him on a simple black and weathered board keeping it all achromatic. I think on the 2nd round of this image i might shoot for a reddish board (if i have one). There’s nothing to artsy to say about this piece, it’s very simple. I might make another one Vader image down the road. I know there are different versions of most of the other characters so i assume there may be a few different Vader’s out there. I did pull a 4 foot stencil of Vader a few years ago and I think i still have it. Maybe I’ll use that some how with the new smaller one. I’ll ponder that idea for now.