Was Waldo at the Salem Witch Trials? – Day 106

Here is my second Witch Pez. The big change I made was that her hair is lighter in this one then the first one. This is on a board with kind of a “Where’s Waldo” feel. There are just little things on the board you kind of find, randomly. I feel like this piece was created around the idea of the Salem Witch trials (but in a more comical sense). The board is actually upside down, and if a Witch was on her broom she could be flying upside-down which would alter our version of the background. I really like the bottle of booze on the middle left side near her nose (back to the Where’s Waldo idea). I guess if you were put on trial for being a Witch, booze might become your best friend. I really like this board overall, but I think I like the darker hair on the first board. I like the closer value range within the oranges.