The Cat Has a Name – Day 105

Here is my 4th cat piece. What? Four? Well… I was liking the idea of a series of these cats. I was thinking of making 6 or so of them to make a crayon box series. Any who, I’m running low (or out!) of the gold skateboard decks that I was using, plus I had this super cool retro board that went so well with the yellow cat. Also, the cat has a name and it’s Prichard. It only took a 4 year old kid to tell me that. Ha, ha. At one of my summer arts festivals, a little boy walked in my booth with his parents and said “look its Prichard the Cat” and his mom said “yes from Bob the Builder”. I thought it was just a cat Pez. I guess I was one upped by a little kid… it happens. (Side note, Prichard is normally blue) I really like the way this piece turned out. There are great motions with the radial/circular patterns and the wave of Prichard’s tail. It feels like the cat is a spy in a 1970’s movie based on the color pallet and the overall layout.