I Must Have Made a Wrong Turn at Albuquerque – Day 102

That’s “not” all folks, here’s Bugs Bunny. This is an older version of Bugs, like past posts on some of my dispensers they just don’t have the right proportions as the cartoons do. Any way, i really like the way this stencil turned out. You can almost see the individual pieces that make up the ears and the face, and then snapped together to make the dispenser. The newer dispensers are mostly one piece molds or very little add ons. I picked this board on it’s color pallet but more so on the city street light and crowd of people on it. On just about every Bugs Bunny episode, he pops up out of the ground in a city, bull ring, or desert and says he made a wrong turn. So i thought this looked like one of those moments. I think overall the piece has a very classic/vintage feel. I think it’s the lime greens, yellows, greys and blacks that promote that feeling of the 1940’s or 1950’s. This maybe my new favorite board.