Homeroom is 101 – Day 101

Here is my 2nd Lisa Simpson. I changed the tones in her eyes to a closer value of off white. It’s not that easy to see on the computer but has a softer transition in person. It’s only like 1 value off. I like the bolder punch on the first Lisa board. I also painted the handle/stem in orange instead of red, not that you can tell since it’s on a short board. The reason I picked the board was because of the orange writing and scuffs at the top. There’s a little orange under her necklace that promotes that color harmony I saw when I was laying it all out. I also like that there’s a sticker peaking to the bottom left of the board that says “bones”. It’s something that often gets broken (like the decks) while riding skateboards. I like this board. It’s hard to get the full value of a Pez dispenser when you cut out the “dispenser” but there’s still a good feeling left behind on the final product.

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