Mickey is on Fire – Day 100

Wow, here we are day 100. And we’ll kick it off with a new version of Mickey Mouse. Sorry this post is so late in the day, I had tons of stuff going on today. Anyway, this is one of many Mickey Pez available. I posted a vintage one a while back, but this is a newer version. I only have a few different ones of Mickey, but knowing Disney’s involvement with everything there are more Mickey Pez to be had. This is the Mickey Mouse I grew up with (the face shape that is) and remember the most. I put it on a red and white text based board. I couldn’t tell you what the board says (or said) but I picked it based on the color. I think my favorite part of the overall piece is the rubbing/sanding on the bottom right hand corner of the flame sticker. You can see the outline of the sicker under my painting. I also like the diagonal play of the red background and the handle/stem of the dispenser. Thank you for following me up to 100 posts/pieces and I hope you all see me get to 365.