Like Nails on a Chalk Board – Day 97

Here is my 2nd “new” Wolverine. This is a newer version of a past dispenser I have. I was watching the Pez Heads documentary (again) and there was a guy who had the prototypes of 3 Wolverine dispensers. One of them that was never made, one that I have made, and the 3rd one I couldn’t see that well to know if it’s this one or not. That’s just a random thought. Ha ha. I put this image on a dark blue board, and the stem/handle is done in a darker blue (vs. the light blue in my last deck). I also found out in the Pez world stem = handle. So my terms might switch up now so I can be part of the Pez gang! I like the silver swoosh on the board; it reminds me of a graphic knife mark made by Wolverines claws. My mom just picked up 2 new dispensers for me. (Thanks Mom!) The new Spiderman and Lizard man from this summer’s blockbuster movie. They too have great detail like an action figure. I like them, but they are a full bust with shoulders and chest, where I really like the dispensers with just the heads on them. I’ll shoot them in a few weeks and put them up.