Big Birds and Pez Nerds – Day 93

Here is my revised Big Bird. The first Big Bird i did wasn’t part of the 365 days of Pez. It was one of the first few dispenser that inspired the concept. I made this one all yellow. (The first one had an orange handle). I LOVE this piece. It’s similar to one of the Batman boards i did in the sense that it’s a very detailed board. I just think the board looks like a dollar bill with all the fancy engraving and really highlights the image as character of importance. Plus the board is light purple, which makes my overall piece complementary. I really like the way Big Birds eyelids almost match the boards color. It’s a minimal, but i think its very effect in making the piece very harmonious and polished. The Pez-a-Mania show is only a few weeks away. I just watched the Pez Heads documentary on these conventions (like Pez-a-Mania), and i hope the collectors like what I’m doing. If not, will they shun me? Will they throw individual Pez’s at me like handfuls of sweet candy gravel? ha ha.