Is Wolverine a Hippie? – Day 88

I mentioned a while back that i had 2 updated Pez dispensers (Wolverine and Captain America). Well here’s the new Wolverine. Both of the new dispensers have stronger jaw lines and look more like action figures then cartoon characters. (Check out my older wolverine posts and you’ll see what i mean.) I like both versions equally, but for different reasons. I pulled this one in a lighter blue handle and it worked really well on this tie-dye board. I don’t ever foresee wolverine and a tie-dye color scheme ever being presented in a comic book or the movies, but it works great on the skateboard. There’s nothing extra on the skateboard to talk about. It’s a rainbow/tie-dyed colored deck and has a great radial motion to it. I just bought this documentary called “Pez Heads” and realized there are SOO many combinations of colors, errors, generations and other oddities. I think i could be making these paintings for the rest of my life and never complete all of them. Check out the video, it’s really interesting. I can’t wait to meet the fans at the convention this July.