Watch the Language Hulk – Day 87

Hulk numero two emerges into my collection. This is a similar concept to yesterdays Spider-man, where the Hulk almost becomes part of the deck, or matches it a bit “too well”. I pulled the Hulk in a darker green concept and it is almost a dead ringer to the gray/green deck that i had. I didn’t really care for the image at first, but on the deck it looks appropriate. (i really love the earlier bright green Hulk). Any way, this deck… where do i start? It’s covered with very negative words and slanders (all hand written, but not by me). I assume a 13 year old kid owned the deck and thought it was cool to grab a sharpie and write all this. I tried to cover some of them with the Hulk, but some are visible (both front and back). I didn’t want to alter the board, that is not my goal for this project, so i left it alone. Here’s the artsy concept that made me feel better about the piece. I’m a mellow type person, and thought the negative writing would make people (and myself) uncomfortable or angry, and that would turn us in to our own “Hulk”. So Hulk is reacting to the board in this piece. I do find one of the visible comments on the middle right a bit funny as it says “Bitch Titz”, because a Z makes everything more gangster.