Spiders Hide Everywhere – Day 86

Here is my 2nd Spiderman. I don’t usually use boards that are so close in color to my image. I don’t want them to engulf my image, but this match up was too fun so I did it! When I put the pieces together I was thinking about superhero’s and how they always know exactly when to show up and help someone out. And then I thought maybe they were there the whole time, but you just didn’t see them. Like the phrase goes “I’d like to be a fly on that wall…” (let’s change fly to spider for laughs). That took me into a much deeper “artsy” state of mind about how cameras are just everywhere. I’ve become very conscious of cameras as I’ve been getting older. They’re on buildings, in buildings, in our pockets, and everywhere else. Not that I’m a criminal, but our lives are constantly monitored and recorded. I think I’m indifferent on the topic of cameras for the moment. I tried to line up Spiderman’s eye with some of the writing on the board. The thicknesses are slightly off, but I think the point is clear.