Does My Nose Look Crooked? – Day 83

Here’s my revisit to yesterdays Gonzo. There is a minimal difference with the eyes in this piece. I used a very slight shade of white vs. the other deck where I used a tan. I have in my artillery about 3-4 shades of white. Sometimes I think they make great subtle transitions, but pending the range of value in the rest of the image they might not be as believable. I think the transition works with these whites (if you look close), but if you look at the deck from a distance I think you lose the rounding of the eye. I picked this board to match Gonzo’s mouth, as minimal as it is I really think it looks original to the board. This board (like the last Captain America board) has cracks through the face. They’re harder to work around (as I took a few splinters to my finger), but love the way it adds more depth to the piece. I also love the very thin pink that peeks through around the broken pieces to the bottom right of Gonzo’s face.

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