The Great Gonzo! – Day 82

Gonzo! Now here’s another child hood memory of mine. (I love the Muppets) Just making this piece I was thinking of how funny and silly they all are, and how they all have great one liner jokes. Side note: I need to watch some old Muppet movies. I put Gonzo on a green deck purely on the minimal green visible on his eyes. The stronger dominant colors of the green, blue, yellow are a nice way to play with an analogous scheme, but if you throw in the mouth colors (which are minimal), you almost get the full rainbow. I think the imagery on the deck also plays a key role in this piece. There is a pair of sunglasses on the deck and we see the Hollywood star in action. Plus he’s wearing a bowtie. The Muppets have real style and class! They’re always dressed to kill and ready to perform, because the show must go on.