The Change Up – Day 79

That’s not a skateboard! Nope, it’s a record. My Pez a day does include other mediums, although I REALLY love the skateboards the most. I have done plenty of record art in the past. It’s a great cheap surface to use, not to mention a challenge to work in a circular format. So I was invited to be part of the waterloo art fest/art walk in an exhibit at Popeye gallery featuring record art. Drop off is later this weekend so I’m sure I’ll post a few of my entries for it including this one of Mickey. This is different than the skateboards on the idea that I’m creating my own surface to work with. I decided to keep them simple but fun. This has the traditional Pez text and becomes a very graphic or retail look. I used the same yellow on the handle as I did for the background. There is a slight transition on the background to help emphasize a sphere or globe shape. I think a grid of these would look as cool as a grid or grouping of the skateboards.