I Tawt I Taw a Putty Tat! – Day 73

This is the Tweety bird Pez dispenser made famous by Jerry Seinfeld in his sitcom, Seinfeld. It’s a fun dispenser but like a few other dispensers, it doesn’t have the right proportions like the cartoon. I think Tweety’s head should be much larger and bulbous. I’m sure it was a manufacturing issue or some sort of molding concern when making them. And I’m not sure if there are newer versions of Tweety, but the new Pez dispensers are so precise. It’s almost unreal how detailed and exact they are. This board is one of my longer boards. I picked it because i like that it looks like a lamp shade, and in Looney Tunes, all the characters including Sylvester hid under a lamp shade to hunt prey or to hide from it. I thought it was comical and appropriate. Random Thought: Tweety’s head also looks like a light bulb. I also like the black and white stripe on the bottom of the board. It adds that one point perspective aspect and really takes your eye to the background, along with the scuff marks on the board. I think board was actually a map of some sort. There are lines and marker that lead me to believe that, but it’s hard to really tell from the wear and tear. Overall i like this board, and I’m going to look further into a newer version of this dispenser.