Dino-Mite! – Day 72

Caveman’s best friend, Dino. I loved watching Flintstones when i was little. I thought all of their gadgets were fun (unrealistic) and creative. The Dino pez originally is cast in this deep magenta color. So i pulled this one in a pink hue. It’s not wrong, but it’s not right either. I remember him being more purple on TV, but i was trying to mimic the dispenser. The image worked well with the deck. I don’t know what the deck is all about, i just know it’s pink and orange. I thought the black image was a spade that was worn away, but then the more i looked at it, i think it’s purely a graphic. The deck is such an odd color scheme, but it worked well with a few dispensers i have. But… Dino won this deck. I’m still on the hunt for more flesh colored spray paints so i can pull a better Fred and Barney, but until then I’ll work on the other characters. I have a Pebbles dispenser in my box-o-pez.