Lost on the Open Seas of Lake Erie – Day 71

Here’s my follow up to my last Popeye. This dispenser is done in the darker blue handle and I put it on a more neutral black board with little distinctive marks. The only real mark you can see is this white line on the top left behind Popeye’s head. I don’t think it adds nor detracts from the piece, so it’s just there. I picked this board out because of the “blue jean” factor. The board goes with anything. I had a hard time matching up this image because the flesh tones in the head would get lost in some of the natural wood tones in boards I have. Most of my other pieces have a color separating the flesh tone and the board, unlike this piece. The blues in the handle weren’t always easy to match up either. Some of my boards are too green and some are too violet. I like the black board, as always it has this gradation rolling threw it helping push foreground and background. The weathered look reminds me of an old boat and I think it makes the piece a really “manly” piece. It has that blue jeans and black t-shirt look. If you read my last Popeye post, you can check out Billy and me at the Clifton Arts Fest this Saturday. We’ll be the two guys hustling artwork. Ok, we don’t look like hustlers at all, we’ll be the nerds talking art and telling jokes. Stop out, and say hello.