Hulk Smash Skateboard – Day 70

Hulk joins the Pez hero’s and villains list. This is the newer Hulk Pez. I’ve seen some older ones that have different facial structures in that 1980’s vibe. I’m trying to find one of those for my collection, until then we’ll look at the new one. The color scheme was for the board and image is monochromatic. There is a small red fireball sticker on the left side (it’s kind of dark) that i think emulates the good angel/devil that sit on our shoulders and help us make decisions (at least in the cartoons they do that). It looks like the angel has the day off so the fireball/devil is bringing the Hulk out. Even though all of my decks are broken, i think the distressed look really works with Hulk. It reminds me of his clothes and shoes as they rip off when he gets angry. I enjoy this deck a lot. This piece will be part of the Breakneck Gallery Art-Deck-O show on June 16th. This is a skateboard exhibition and I’ll have 5 boards there. I’m actually dropping it off today (if you would like to see it in person).