Wakka Wakka – Day 69

Fozzy Bear, he was a staple in my upbringing and I’m sure many of other children of the 80’s. I remember watching the Muppets movies, Muppet babies, and everything in between with all the Muppets characters. And for those who know me personally, you might compare my “jokes” or sense of humor to Fozzy’s. They’re lame one liners that I think are hysterical, but other roll their eyes at me. Ha ha. Anyway, let’s look at this deck. WOW! It has the perfect color scheme to match my image. I just love it. I was saving this deck for use with a new wolverine or someone whom I could associate “thrashing” with. But the colors were too good to not use it with Fozzy. There are some great stickers on this deck, as I just mentioned “Thrasher” on the top left, the West Side on the middle left, and the fire ball head in between both of those. I feel like this is stand up night at the comedy club and Fozzy’s on stage in the middle of the joke. These decks are really becoming close to my heart, and letting go is going to be difficult (until I see the cash). This one is a new favorite and if you want to see them in person check out my upcoming shows page. I have many great summer shows, gallery shows, and fundraiser shows this summer.