I Am What I Am – Day 68

Popeye, the only guy who can trick you into eating spinach arrives on my Pez list. I had planned on making a Popeye from the get go, and then a buddy of mine requested him via Facebook a few weeks back. Any who, here he is. I love the way Popeye looks on this board. The worn board really helps push atmosphere in this piece. The bright light blues against the dusty gray perry winkle on the board creates a sailors view on any given day when they’re away from land. This is a vintage dispenser, and i like the look of the very enhanced highlights on the face. It almost appears to be wet. Any way, this piece is gift to my buddy mentioned above. I have a funny story about him. His name is Billy (great artist, check him out here) and we’ve been friends for years now. Often Billy and I will hang out, grab beers, and talk art and you’d think after years of hanging out with him, I should know him well (right?). He has an anchor tattoo on his arm, and i swear he told me he was in the Navy at one point (perhaps that was after our 7th-8th Guinness), so the anchor makes sense. I know other guys from the military, and they get their branch tattooed on themselves. After talking to a mutual friend the on the topic of the Billy being in the Navy, our mutual friend (Jeff, also a great artist, check him out here) says to me “he’s never been in the Navy”. Low and behold, Billy was never in the Navy! ha ha. He’s just a big Popeye fan and has not only the anchor but a Popeye tattoo on his arm. We had a good laugh, i felt like an idiot, and i think we grabbed a beer. So Billy, this deck is for you.