Waiting for the Milk Man – Day 67

Here is my second Sylvester. I changed the tone in the face to a more off-white/tan which darkened up the face, but I don’t mind it. I think it works in the context of this board. I also used a darker blue for the handle, which works with the deck. I thought this board was appropriate for a multiple reasons such as the remaining letters spell “Fie” as in feline and the image of the face looks to be that of a milk man. And we know that cats like their milk. One last direct color correlation is the nose to the board. The color seems to read the same, but it looks like the nose definitely is closer to the viewer then the red on the deck, and I’m sure that’s because of the scrapes and other nicks on the board and the separation of the darker face probably helps that too. I like this finished piece. As I mentioned on the first Sylvester deck, the dispenser is a bit out of proportion but that’s what you get with some of the vintage style dispensers.