Come again, Anakin – Day 66

This is my Anakin Skywalker Pez. I bought it a few years ago thinking I could manipulate it to look like me and have my own custom Pez. That never evolved and it sat on my shelf with a few other dispensers and toys. Any way, since I was making my Star Wars Pez series I made this one. I think it’s an ok dispenser. There’s nothing fancy about it, no real color, and it’s just a person’s face. I think if he had glasses, hat, or something to make it more visually interesting I might like it more (as a dispenser). The board was picked because of the blues in the handle that sort of mimic the blue on the deck. The deck features the word “NO” which I think is a nice thought. Telling him “NO” don’t turn to the dark side. But as we all know, he becomes the hated/loved Darth Vader.