A is for Awesome – Day 65

Captain America goes POP! I pulled this image in a lighter sky blue, which reminds me more of the vintage toys (and this is the vintage one i used for the reference). It seems that the newer toys are all darker in their color schemes. Anyway I had this smaller board which had 2 straight cracks dividing the board into thirds vertically. I almost didn’t use it fearing the image would be compromised to dramatically but the coloring of the board was too cool to pass up. You can see the drop shadow through the nose and chin, and if you look close to the left side you can see the crack through the ear. When I was finished with it, I felt like I could hang it among Lichtenstein’s work and it would fit in perfectly. This one screams pop art, but talking with my friend Steve, he mentioned that this work could fall into a couple of categories. One being post-modern or just the evolution or a hybrid of other styles, and he’s right. I’m using pop imagery on found objects or graffiti elements and putting my own spin on them. He (Steve) also mentioned how they look like Icons (the religious relics) because of the way they always feature a person or character and the shape of the board being narrower like an icon. We talk about the pieces I create often and I think it helps me to really develop them as a series. On a side note, I just got 2 new versions of Pez of pieces I’ve already done. One is Captain America and the other is Wolverine. They look much more like action figures then Pez dispensers. They have strong jaw lines and more developed features. I’m going to pull them soon, and you can compare the evolution of Pez,toys, and my art.