The Regal Beagle – Day 64

This is Snoopy… like he needs an introduction. I think this dispenser is a vintage dispenser. His ears are molded to his head, where some of the newer dispenser would have the appendages like that protruding out. Just looking at the form and the general style, it looks like it’s from the 70’s or 80’s (but I could be wrong). The deck is the first one I’ve used that’s had a gold leafing on it. On the bottom left side there is an upside down wing in a metallic gold. I thought of it as being his pilot wings, when he was Snoopy and the Red Baron. This stencil is a very, very simple one. It has a total of four stencils. The dispenser is 95% white with only the eyes, ears, and mouth in black. I think it came out well for what it is. I have a bunch of other Charlie Brown dispensers, most of which I know the characters, but a few of them are hard to decipher. They kind of look like Charlie, but then he’s wearing a hat and has a different smile. I’m not sure if it’s because of the older quality of the toy or maybe I’m not familiar with the character. Anyway, I’ve shot them and I’m preparing them for layout, but they might not be up for a few weeks. The deck is featured in what I would call a more feminine color scheme with saturated purples, blues, pinks, and golds. I don’t think I would call it a “female specific” piece of art, but would work well for guys or girls.

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