Chicks Dig-it Man… – Day 63

Here is my other chick deck. This is still one of my favorite images, merely for the simple lines and basic form. I just sent the first chick deck I made off to the Pez Corporate facility. I hope they like it. I always get nervous when I mail gifts. This board has no color enhancement for the image, but I used it for a few reasons. It’s a black stained deck with a milky off white image on it (which is part of a larger skull). I though the chick looked like it was sitting in a nest with other unhatched eggs. And this chick not only was the first one to hatch, but he arrived in style with a hat. Ha ha. I used the same color scheme on the chick image as I did on the first one, which is a primary scheme, but it’s also a scheme that reminds me of youth or babies. When you buy kids toys/stuff its’ always bright primary colors and that reinstates my feelings for a new beginning or birth. I think the black/grayed out board started to feel like the life around us might seem black and white sometimes, but we always feel like we’re in color or that we don’t fit in. Our color is our originality, our style, and our quirkiness that makes us all unique and different. So this piece is saying, I’m different and I don’t care what the world thinks. I think that’s a revolution a lot of us fight as we grow up.