No Business Like Monkey Business – Day 60

I did a small monkey deck a while back, but lost most of the dispenser handle. So i pulled one in orange. If you don’t know already, i love monkeys! And the board that i matched up with this piece is more then cool! There are a handful of “MIA” stickers on it, one in orange which really pulled the image and board together. The MIA sticker might be for the singer, or the term “Missing in Action”, but i like to think it’s “Monkey in Action” (for this piece). The real fun element for me is the guitar amplifier to the left, and the word stereo peeking out. Perhaps the monkey is going to jam out with his amp or play some tunes through it and have a good time. When i laid the image on to the board it was like 90 degrees out side and went down smooth, but when i took it into my house i had the AC on and i think that wrinkled my image. I didn’t notice it until it was to late, and the spray adhesive was dry. So for the first time, i sanded the image up to the neck to eliminate some of the wrinkles. I think it still came out well and has the visual punch and separation from foreground and background. I’ve always liked the color combination of browns, tans, oranges and light blues and this piece has those and follows the complimentary scheme.