The Bounty Hunter – Day 28

It’s time for the bounty hunter, Boba Fett. I started a few more Star Wars stencils and here’s one of them. I’ve mentioned before I’m not really a “nerd” when it comes to Star Wars so I don’t know much about Boba Fett, so I can’t comment on scenes from the movies. But I can tell you about the pair up from image to deck. The deck has multiple tones of red, which is really noticeable in person. There’s a shiny untouched red that runs behind the mask horizontally and then the other reds are muted from use on the skate board. When I put the image on the board it had that push from foreground I look for and I went with it. The bottom of the piece (which would have been the middle of the board) has great scuffs that have an upward transition, like dust being kicked up. I also like the complementary color palette of a muted gray green against the saturated red.