Hey Mickey You’re So Fine, You’re So Fine… Day 56

You blow my mind, hey Mickey! Here’s the vintage Mickey Mouse Pez. I don’t own this Pez either, but I do own a few new versions of Mickey that my mom just found at a garage sale! Thanks Mom! (those are coming soon). I was looking through my reference pictures on my computer the other day, and I must have pulled this a long time ago for a project and never used it. This was one of the old plastic/rubber ones. You can tell from the photo, that it has that “ugly” plastic color to it that we all know is from the 50’s or 60’s. I just got in a box full of new (old) decks on Friday. This is one of them. This one reminded me of what a kids drawing would look like in the 3rd grade. There are bright primary colors, but really focusing on yellow (like that was the kids favorite color) and printed words and numbers in white that look like chalk on a chalk board, but then it takes a turn in to a teenage rebel stage at the bottom where the letters become graffiti like. I really like the way this piece came out. When laying out the stencil I got nervous with the flesh tones. I used a slightly darker color scheme, but I think it worked well. I picked up some really cool decks, stay tuned for some more Pez Boards.