A Skull Reunion -Day 54

So I was revisiting my stencils to see what I had done, and I like to do at least two of each one. I remembered that I hadn’t done two of these particular skulls. It was actually my favorite one I did for the commission a while ago. So I laid this one out in a lighter purple, so that it was back in my possession, well… until this one sells. I was thinking it might be more feminine with the lighter purple, but I think in the end it’s still pretty masculine. The lighter purple really emphasizes the value of the shadows. I put it on one of my remaining long-er boards that I have left. I think that added to the separation of foreground and background, being that it’s a darker purple. The composition is similar to many past decks featuring “enjoy” and the white swirl. I love the word play with the piece. I’m sure I’ve said it many times over but, you can really start to have a conversation with addition of a word like this. Enjoy: Life, art, the past, etc… on that note, enjoy!