Everybody Must Get Stoned – Day 53

How can you have a Barney with out his wing man, Fred. I think this stencil is well cut like yesterdays Barney. But again i didn’t have the proper flesh tones to give that brighter face that we’re used too. I used a purple skate deck that was to compliment the yellow handle on the dispenser, but… its on one of my small boards and just a hint of the dispenser actually made it in the final product. (I keep striking out with piece, ha) The text and the white hatch mark (on the left) i think add great white noise to the piece. They have no significant ties to the finished piece when i was conceptualizing the overall work, but i really like them. It adds to my found objects and using what i have vs. creating “all new” elements. I just found a Dino and Pebbles dispenser in my box of Pez. Stay tuned for them. Yabba Dabba Doo!!!