Not the Purple Dinosaur, the Other One – Day 52

So this is Barney from the classic cartoon The Flintstones. I’m still on the smaller decks until I pick up some new (old) decks. I really like the stencil, but I’m having a hard time finding a “peach” colored spray paint in the retail stores. I’m sure I can find them online, but I don’t want to pay a lot for a can of paint. In this stencil, it requires a flesh tone (my peach color, that I’m looking for) and a facial hair shadow color. So that’s four flesh tones (including the shadows/tones). I did the best with what I have, but I feel that Barney looks a little “Sickly” ha ha. I’m on the hunt for the flesh tones, and any suggestions would be great. I think the shape of the face will really pop when I have those new paints. Stay tuned for an updated Barney.