What an Uproar- Day 50

A vintage lion makes day 50 on the Pez a day challenge. I don’t own this Pez, as it an old one and I would believe it’s quite valuable. It reminds me of a door knocker on a castle door. This is the original color of the pez (orange and purple) which looks a little odd, but who cares? I plan on changing the colors up to see what else I get. I’m running low on boards so I’ve been using the smaller ones I have. This has a great handle on it, with dates and a city on it. (Not that you can tell from this one) The board is gold and white, which I’ve used before on other pieces. I needed a wider board since it was a profile shot. I think this is my first 100% profile. Sorry for the late post. I got caught up with landscaping.