Amanda the Panda – Day 49

Day 49 brings us a Panda! Every time I see a Panda, or hear the word I think of my close friend Amanda. Her friends and family call her Panda as a nickname. She has a website called too, for those of you who like jewelry! This board is one of my smaller boards. It’s a very neutral board with black, wood tones, and a little bit of blue. I like the stencil, but it’s one of my very simple Pez Dispensers. So I might reshoot it with a new light source. Even though it is a simpler dispenser, it makes it hard to create a believable 3D image with flat layers of paint. I love the challenge of figuring out or mapping each layer. I wish the board was a little longer to show the handle of the dispenser, but when you work with broken decks, you get what you get.

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