Close Encounter – Day 48

Here is a follow up to my past ET board. This one is on a colored board vs. the last one which was on a neutral deck. I think this deck works well with the red hoodie ET is wearing and I feel like it’s a night time scene. It feels like the scene where ET is being picked up by the other ET’s and the ship lights up the forest, and all the kids are wearing their hoodies and ET was in the basket of the bike. I caught half of ET (again) and watched it with my daughter; I love 80’s movies and how many “flaws” they have, but they’re still so fun to watch. I did smudge one of the paint layers from a stencil and you can see the mark on the right cheek of ET. I’m always antsy on the dry time of a layer, but I don’t really mind the mark. I like the hand touched elements on any piece of work, and I feel like this is one of them.