I Want My Mummy – Day 46

I’m not sure of the exact name of this piece (i guess i could Google it) but it’s a Mummy piece. This is another one of those glow in the dark dispensers. Again, i don’t have have glow in the dark paint (yet) so i used a neutral tone that kind of looks like that milky green plastic that glows. I top lit this one, which i think adds to the spookiness of a mummy (in a fun spooky way). Also it really enhanced the shadows on the gauze wrappings. This piece is climbing the “Favorites” list. I picked this board simply on the pink candy sticker on the left. It reminded me of the mummy’s eyes, plus it said candy on it and Pez is candy, if you just climbed out from a rock. It works! I think all colors on the primary and secondary wheels are represented, but maybe in different values then are traditional in your box of crayons.