Who’s That Girl? You Mean Woman – Day 45

Wonder Woman! Another super hero Pez makes the list. I think this is a vintage dispenser from the 70’s or early 80’s. It was in my box of Pez i got from eBay. It has the thin feet (which i know are older), and the face is lacking strong depth. I was really nervous cutting the stencil, thinking it was gonna be a toss out, but in the end i really like it! I love the board. It almost feels British, more then American. It’s a Rob Dyrdek deck with an alien head on it (upside down in image), which has no symbolic correlation, but has a great color scheme to enhance my Pez Image. It might be the linear patters or the crown that make me think that it’s British. I like the cross that is made from the dispenser handle and text, i feel like she is a queen more so with that element, or part of the Crusades.